Website Development Cost Calculator

Use the following calculator to estimate the cost of building your website.
Item Feature or Function   Details Cost (TTD)  
1 Basic Website One Time Fee This item is compulsory. It includes 20 pages maximum, the design and artwork, with text and static images only. 1500.00 TT
2 Photo Gallery One Time Fee This is a page or pages that will contain your collection of photos. Click here  and here  to see examples. 600.00 TT
3 Animations One Time Fee Animated Header and other animations. This can be Flash or jQuery. Click here  to see example. 1200.00 TT
4 Videos One Time Fee Videos that can play directly on your page. Click here  to see example. 1000.00 TT
5 Links to Social Networks One Time Fee Links to Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. 600.00 TT
6 Online submission forms One Time Fee These include forms such as Feedback or Application forms etc. This requires a database. 1000.00 TT
7 Content Management One Time Fee This will be a special link giving you secured access to the backend of your website. It will allow you to make certain changes to your website on your own, without having to contact M&V. This requires a database, item 9. 3000.00 TT
8 Emails * One Time Fee Setup of email accounts to use with your website. For instance, if your website is, then your emails will be 1000.00 TT
9 Database Annual Fee A database will be required if you want to collect data from visitors via your website, from various forms etc. Such as membership forms, feedback forms, e-commerce etc. This item is required if you selected items 6 or 7. 1500.00 TT
10 Domain name Annual Fee Annual domain name fee. e.g. 300.00 TT
11 Hosting Annual Fee Hosting of your website on our webserver. Up to 500MB 1500.00 TT
      TOTAL 1500.00 TT  

* Emails include an annual fee which depends on the quantity you require

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